Inner City Johannesburg – PHOTO 1

By | 26 Dec 2012

(I took these photos while making my way through Jhb by bus. Apologies for the quality).Informal Trading - Klein Street, Johannesburg

Klein Street, Johannesburg

Photo 1 – Snapshot 1


Note the following:

  1. Advertising on the balconies on the left. Rental income in the inner cities have declined so additional income is earned from this advertising.
  2. Trading is taking place on the pavement. Although this is informal trading, it is taking place in a formalised way with structures put in place to accommodate the traders.
  3. This area is close to the bus and taxi ranks.
  4. The burn marks on the walls may be from informal traders burning their rubbish.
  5. A bottle-store/shebeen can be seen being run from one of the residential units.

Photo 1 – Snapshot 2


Note the following:

  1. The photo was taken just after Soccer World Cup 2010. The importance of this area as a hub can be seen by the size of the Bafana Bafana advert.
  2. There is a Pick & Pay very close to this area (see map below). Despite this, informal trading is thriving.
  3. Note the satellite dishes above the cellular sign.
  4. One of the signs below the Bafana advert is advertising an internet cafe.

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