Via Afrika Geography Grade 11 Learner’s Book

Via Afrika Geography Grade 11 Learner’s Book
Long Description

Each book is divided into terms or sections and starts with a beautiful picture to provoke thought, and to enjoy.
Each topic begins with an overview to give an idea of what the learner will be learning about. They can use the graphic organiser to help study. It shows how the information is organised in the topic.
Key terms are shown in red the first time they appear. They are listed at the beginning of a unit in the order in which they appear.
New words are in blue and are explained in the margin.
Each unit has sections of content that has to be studied.
Activities help learners to understand what they have learned.
The tasks in the Formal Assessment Task (FAT) box will prepare learners for the FAT that you will give them in class.
A summary at the end of each topic helps learners study. (Don’t forget to use our Study Guide eBook when they study! It contains all they need to know to pass exams.)
Questions at the end of each topic help learners to revise.
An example of an exam at the end of the book will also help learners practise and learn all they need to know.
A glossary and Index provides definitions of key terms.

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