5 Tropical Cyclones

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Hurricane Katrina

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Current Hurricanes occurring in the Atlantic Ocean:

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View the animation below in a larger format.
weather/hurricanebasics.swf" />weather/hurricanebasics.swf" />

How a hurricane is born – The Science Of Superstorms

Anatomy of a Hurricane

Storm Surge:

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Hurricane intensifying over the warmer ocean of the Gulf of Mexico

An approaching wall of cloud

The eye from the air


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Note the date in the clip below is June – Northern Hemisphere.
There is a good graphic at the end of the clip of its path

Cyclones around the globe

Dando – Mozambique 2012

Flooding in Kruger National Park

Mozambique tropical storm kills five (News 24 article)

Yasi – Queensland Australia 2011

How the first world deals with approaching cyclones – Disaster Info Centre

Thousands Flee Cyclone

Tropical Cyclone Yasi Approaches Queensland Australia

Powerful cyclone Yasi hits Queensland in Australia

Monster Storm: Cyclone Yasi batters Queensland, Australia


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